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T h e R e a l C a u l P h e n o m e n o n
By Shannon Lee Wolf
Founder of Caul Bearers United - Lifting the Veil

What a Caul Bearer is Not

With so much "lore" and other disinformation circulating the web about the caul, it's crucial to point out that caul bearers are not folklore relics from the past.  We are not legends, we are not myths, we are not old wives tales.  We are living, breathing human beings with real feelings and real gifts that we want to share with the world.

Caul Bearers are Not:

~Lucky.  Caul bearers tend to have tremendous difficulties in life.  ("En caul" birth folk, however, seem to lead pretty happy lives.)

~born to be royalty or singlehanded saviors

~destined to become the property of a cult

~destined to fall under any type of human leadership or control

~bound by a predestined life or death

~doomed to a life of darkness or cold intellect

~condemned for their sexual orientation

~in danger of becoming

     -a vampire

     -a witch

     -a werewolf

     -owned or controlled by any type of philosophy