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T h e R e a l C a u l P h e n o m e n o n
By Shannon Lee Wolf
Founder of Caul Bearers United - Lifting the Veil

What is a Caul/Caul Bearer?

A caul bearer is a person who is born with the caul.  The caul is also known as the "veil", the "hood", the "mantle", or the "veil of tears".  

There are two types of cauls.  One type, which appears to be the more common of the two, is the thin, transparent amniotic lining which becomes tightly formed to the infant's head during the birthing process and is easily pulled off or wiped away, though it is lightly attached to various points of the skin. 

The other type, less common, is the thick, skin-like covering which is looped around the ears.  This one must be carefully removed, as it literally has attachment points on the scalp and face, and is an actual "second skin".  It is said to have the DNA of the child, although I have not been able to find such recorded data.

The caul can appear in one of two ways:

~Covering the head and face, and/or looping behind the ears. (This is the most common, or well known appearance of caul.}

~Draping over the head and partly down the torso, as illustrated below.  In Germany, this would be called a "helmet" [Galea] for boys, and in Italy, for girls, a "fillet" [vitta] or "shirt" [indusium, camisia].  (This is the lesser known type of caul.)




Caul births should not be confused with "en-caul" births.  En-caul births are when the baby is born inside of the intact amniotic sac, which balloons out at birth.  The sac, filled with amniotic fluid, either naturally bursts, or is manually burst by the individual delivering the baby.


Caul Bearer Traits

This is a list of the most common traits or gifts among caul bearers.  Some may possess all of these traits, others a combination of particular traits.  I have gathered these traits from both caul bearers I have interviewed and from other sources.  A caul bearer doesn't have to have their caul in their possession to have these gifts.


~Possess a healing touch 

~Possess a natural ability to perform Remote Healings

~Strong empathic abilities

~Is a protector or guide

~Sense of urgency to save the world - often "before it's too late"

~Are increasingly frustrated with the ignorance of the masses, and long for meaningful conversations

~Highly sensitive, intuitive and perceptive - sometimes unnervingly so 

~Have vivid memories of past lives or the ability to approach unfamiliar tasks with ease

~Frequent deja vu

~Strong and recurring visions of the future of mankind

~A catalyst for any number of things such as change or connecting other Caul Bearers with each other

~Invoke very strong positive or negative responses in people - sometimes perfect strangers - often  children and animals 

~Prophetic or precognitive dreams and visions - often frightening

 ~Possess telepathic abilities

~Psychic or clairvoyant type abilities 

~See entities -- VOIDS or "soul catchers" (see description in the Forums), ghosts, spirits, energy imprints, angels, demons, and the wee folk

~Can See auras 

~Strong connection with animals and nature

~Natural leader, but a supportive follower

~Feel overwhelmed in crowds and often prefer to be alone

~Have difficulty connecting with money, often experiencing various stages of poverty

~Have frequent nose bleeds

~A tendency for alcoholism or drug abuse

Caul bearers are vital human beings to the growth and insight of humanity.  What they see, hear and smell tells tales of things to come, things from the past, and things we all need to know.  They are messengers.  They are sensitives, visionaries and healers.  Writers, poets, artists.  Each has their own unique gifts to share with the world...so why doesn't the world want to listen?

Caul bearers have abilities not often bestowed upon average folks...which makes them...well...oddballs.  Caul bearer children are strange and stand out as quiet, with an unnerving presence.  They will tell you that they see ghosts or have "imaginary friends."  They will in all seriousness relate to you details of previous incarnations.  They will blurt out precognitions.  Or they will make you feel as if, in complete silence, they know your deepest darkest secrets.  They have a great love for humanity but possess an air of otherworldliness that tends to repel other children...and adults.  They become awkward adults who tend to spend most of their time alone...while painfully compelled to heal the world. 

Caul bearers mostly feel unwanted, afraid, afflicted, tormented and subhuman.  The heartbreaking truth is that they are essential links to the here and the hereafter.  They raise the earth's vibrations and seek approval and affirmation -- they are after all, human.  I suppose there are the vampiric or ordained caul bearers...there are all kinds of human beings.  But the caul bearer's general birthright is no different than everyone elses...to be valued, heard, and appreciated.  Nothing less, nothing more.


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