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By Shannon Lee Wolf
Founder of Caul Bearers United - Lifting the Veil

A Warning for Those Conducting Serious Caul Research

With the growing popularity and curiosity about the caul and caul bearers, it is my privilege to provide the most accurate and truthful information available -- for caul bearers and the curious! 

First, I want to make special note of some less than accurate information on the caul and caul bearers that has been circulating the web for many years now.  The most infectious being a particular "philosophical society" called "The Way", claiming to possess the "Truth", and their main target is caul bearers.  Their information is biased and misleading.  They have peppered in enough truth, and salted it with enough intrigue to make themselves appear to be a legitimate information source, but underneath is their real cause -- what they want you to believe is the "real" Taoism.  They use both the pentagram (which members wear upside down - a well known Satanic symbol) and the Yin Yang symbol, and Moses and Jesus as lure tools.  This group is a damaging menace to caul bearers looking for support, as well as to people who are curious about what the caul is.

1) The word "Caulbearer" is "copyrighted".  From "The Way" website:

"A number of websites and blogs have sprung up on the Internet in recent years, claiming to represent Caulbearers and provide information on the subject. For this reason it has proved necessary to clarify the exact position in relation to the legal context relating to the word and title of Caulbearer . The name, word, title or office of Caulbearer is the sole intellectual property of Robert George Crosbie and the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, a fraternity of Caulbearers and non-Caulbearers of like mind, known as followers of The Way."

2) If you see the following excerpt or variations of it on any website, public forum, or from any other source, it is strictly authored and owned by "The Ancient Order of the Way".  Their web content has been viral many years, spreading a monstrous amount of caul and caul bearer disinformation...please be informed that it is their sole intention to sell you on "The Way":

"It was also noted that the births of these particular individuals could be calculated or predicted in advance, and none others, and it was from such understanding that the designation of such individuals as ‘kings by right’ came into being, as their comings were seen to be as a sign from the Force of Life itself.  These individuals, both male and female, were known as Lords of the Veil; and also by the specific title of Caulbearer, once proven to be so born."

This is utter nonsense with no data to back it up (although they claim to own a rare and secret Bible and make many references to it) -- please don't be fooled!

A Little Bit of Insight Into "The Way"

 Excerpts From Their Website: 

Listen to Bob Crosbie Reading From "The Hallowed Book of Man" :       


"Rules Concerning Death of Way followers

By pentacular On March 13, 2010 ·

1. When death comes, the ancient rules are that the body must be buried before the sun rises twice.

2. The body shall be wrapped, or placed in a coffin.

3. It may or may not be embalmed.

4. The body shall be placed on its back, with arms folded and right leg over left, according to tradition, so that the deceased shall always be known as a follower.

5. An ordinary member who is not in good standing may not be buried closer to a Caulbearer than ten body lengths.

6. A Caulbearer who is not in good standing shall be buried ten body lengths from all followers, to demonstrate his or her shame. They shall not be honoured after burial."

If you think this is creepy, there is more, but I don't want to lend too much attention on these people or thier attempts to saturate the web with their malignant sales material.  However, if you would like to know more, you can always "Like" their "Order of the Way" Facebook page and present your own stimulating questions. https://www.facebook.com/TheOrderOfTheWay